Eminem- good guy ft. Jessie Reyez


December 7th, 2018. (GMT-8) time zone 

Marshall Mathers (stage name Eminem) just dropped a new music video 6 hours ago for the last track on his latest album, “Kamikaze”. Produced by llldaproducer and featuring Jessie Reyez, this song can be visualized as a continuation for “Nice guy”, a previous track on the same album. The song “Good guy” is a somber insightful track on mentally and abusive relationships from both parties perspectives. Marshall, is no stranger to this topic when it comes to his music. It can be described as a vulnerable cognitive song, very straightfoward. 

Quotable lyrics from chorus

“You bought the jury, they’ll call me guilty
Even though you know the real me
You can’t beat a cheater, convince a nonbeliever
And i ain’t in my feelings, I’m out
But I let you say that you’re the good guy
‘Cause this ain’t what love looks like”

Genius lyrics

The music video opens up by Jessie Reyez crawling out of a ditch, It’s believed to be her grave and to be dug and left there by her spouse, Eminem. The visuals are raw and gloomy, fitting with the chorus and the cinematography that’s potrayed on screen. It sets the mood for the video which is dark, projecting from his lyrics as well as the sample he uses in the song that fits and wraps everything up so well. “Glassy sky”- toyko ghoul. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvvvcpwFw5o

She marches to their home determined to find Eminem. She approaches Eminem weerily, then she goes to stand directly infront of him where he peers intimidatingly, letting her know without any words that it was him who left her to die. The eeriness of this scene is intense and is the building block for the upcoming graphic violence. 

The physical fight begins, with Jessie in distress and attacking Eminem, him not reciprocating, blantly trying to retsrain her.

She attacks him and wounds him, where he eventually attempts to escape but she continues to beat him and throws herself and him out a window, rather than letting him escape. Her intentions are very visable now in the next scene where she strangles him, her rage intensifying, untill he is no longer breathing.

The final scene depicts she succeeded and murdered Eminem, and is now dragging his deceased body in a home-made body bag to her previous seen grave. She crawls in with him and lays weeping, hugging dead marshall as the chorus fades away. This scene is haunting and strangely beautiful, a accurate representation of abusive relationships. The sybolism of their love and hate relationship is very simple yet uncannily grounded.

This scene itself represnts all the anguish and grief that consumes Jessie with the realization of what she’s done kicking in. She feels the need to hold onto marshall, even when he’s dead and she’s the one that put him there.

A somber video but not deprived of a lesson at the end which tells the cycle and story of relationships of this nature, bringing awarness and light to this subject while making a alluring song and music video to match.

Highly recommend, check it out below.


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